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Empowering you to live a pain free, active lifestyle.

We help active individuals in Corpus Christi recover from injury and return to an active lifestyle without needing painkillers, injections or surgery.


The Omega Sport 3 Step Process



Relieve - End your pain


Repair - Discover the root cause and correct it​



Resolve - Empower you to live a pain free, active lifestyle

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Do you feel like traditional forms of healthcare and physical therapy have not been able to help? Sick of feeling like an afterthought? Tired of getting the bare minimum in 1:1 care?  Stuck in traditional treatment methods? Our current medical system often prioritizes injections and surgeries over conservative care. We are here to change that.

Our practice was founded to work exclusively with active individuals in Corpus Christi and the surrounding community to help bridge the gap between rehab and fitness. Our goal is to help take care of people's pain and imbalances to help keep them exercising for life.

We help people everyday get back to activities they have been avoiding for months, years and even decades. Whether those activities are CrossFit, Running, Tennis, Weightlifting, Triathlons, Golf, Pickleball or whatever you enjoy.  We want to help you CONTINUE doing these activities as you are working through the rehab process- NOT avoid them.

We take a whole body approach to peoples' health, wellness and performance in our practice.

We work with the CrossFit and running community and we won't tell you to stop doing deadlifts, squatting, running, etc. We will get you ready for these activities again. 

Omega Sport Physical Therapy and Performance will be the last place you ever need to go to for anything and everything movement related.



Dr. Ryan Delcambre is a Texas native and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas and played 4 years of Division III tennis during his time there while also earning his bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. He then went on to receive his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of the Incarnate Word.


A passionate Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs fan, Ryan also enjoys CrossFit with his wife Sofia Delcambre and has two miniature schnauzers named Dax and Groot whom he'd love to share pictures of. He has been involved in sports all his life and is excited to help his patients get back to doing what they love to do!


Ryan is so knowledgeable and makes every athlete feel heard and valued. Every session was catered to the needs/injuries specifically geared towards me and to make me feel more confident and stronger with my back injury. I highly recommend Omega Sport PT to any athlete wanting to fix their injuries and come back stronger!!


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Leading up to the CrossFit Games, I had many mobility limitations that prevented me from performing to the best of my ability in training. With Omega Sport PT, they helped me work through my mobility issues and general recovery, helping me to improve in all aspects of CrossFit, from gymnastics to weightlifting. If you stay consistent and are disciplined in actively working to improve your physical limitations, you will see results. Omega Sport PT not only helped me in preparing for the CrossFit Games, but also helped me to achieve better well being and health overall



I’ve seen Ryan for multiple injuries and each time he’s been able to pinpoint the problem, relieve pain, and  help me get back to being at 100%. He’s very knowledgeable and explained everything in terms I could understand. He’s very patient and didn’t get annoyed with the 100 questions I would ask. He’s not one of those Doctors that just tells you to do this and that. Every session he’s very helpful and attentive, breaks down every movement and explains where each exercise should be felt and which muscles should be working. The first injury I came to him with was when I was having some shoulder issues. He explained to me why I was having the issue and  showed me how to properly engage muscles that I didn’t realize I wasn’t using properly. A few sessions and my shoulder pain was gone! The second time I came to Ryan was when I was having some hip problems that caused a lot of pain. I spent once a week with him for about 6-7 sessions fixing the imbalance. After a few sessions I was already seeing a lot of relief from the pain. I’m thankful to have a PT I can turn to anytime I have pain or injury. Without the knowledge, commitment and time that Ryan puts into his patients I don’t think I would have been able to recover as quickly.


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